Transforming your SOP

Since 2004, Ithikon Enterprises, Inc has transformed the operations of many business to an enterprise platform solution, customizing the process and integrating all department activity on a gobal basis in real time.

cloud security & access

Standardizing efficient business workflow through an enterprise application that is securely hosted and supported in the cloud mean all existing and new employees and customers can rely on the same efficient and successful operating procedure every time.


Cross Platform Mobile Access

Cloud Hosting services

Custom  Reporting

Access by any Operating System

Data Redundancy & Security

Custom Workflow Modification


Business Analysts

To identify workflow under-performance and develop an efficient solution.

Product Managers

To take the new and efficient solution and manage the development and deployment.

.NET Developers

To work with our product managers to build and deliver the expected solution.

IT Support

To manage the cloud platform that guarantees 24/7 access and security of your solution.

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